Fearless Bodysuit - Short Sleeve Black (SHIPS BEGINNING OF SEPTEMBER)

Fearless Bodysuit - Short Sleeve Coast Guard Blue

Fearless Sticker

TAKING PREORDERS Fearless Bodysuit - Short Sleeve Coyote Brown

Fearless Bodysuit - Short Sleeve Marine Green

Fearless Bodysuit - Short Sleeve Grey
  • Overview

    At TORCH by Haley Marie, the warrior spirit is at our core. When serving, you deserve to feel confident and there is nothing more motivating than that.

    TORCH is an authentic Los Angeles clothing brand, for Women Warriors. We believe clothes are meant to be comfortable, rebelling against standard uniform standards is beautiful, and that one woman should and can change the world if she is FEARLESS.

  • Our Mission

    TORCH by Haley Marie is built on the ethos of a warrior. We believe in empowering women to be confident, bold, and fearless in the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire. The strength behind every woman is immense and far reaching, and our intention is to aid in bringing that confidence to light.

  • About the CEO

    Haley Marie McClain Hill is a U.S. Air Force veteran, an NFL cheerleader and an inspiration to the future generation of Women Warriors. Her vision for a wardrobe free from constraints and shapelessness, tweaked with tactical accents, created a visionary allure that is timeless and wildly modern; providing you TORCH.